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Our aim is to eliminate the world’s information asymmetry by providing organized, high-quality, peer-reviewed notes across curricula.


18th March 2020

We've just started a YouTube channel where we explain IB concepts in short videos. We hope to offer students an efficient way to learn remotely in the light of the coronavirus pandemic. Stay safe!

Our Premise

We strive to deliver concise, high-quality notes to students to maximise efficiency and reduce monotony. Most textbooks are often filled with tons of extra, out of syllabus information that generates confusion. Our notes provide students with a seamless understanding of important topics without sacrificing readability. Each concept is aided with diagrams and definitions so that students do not miss out on any part of learning.

Privacy Policy

At this moment, there is no user data being tracked/stored other than incoming traffic. Our website is simply a static collection of notes. Any data handling would be done by the Google forms we've attached to the website, namely the Contribute and Feedback forms, in which personal data (only names and emails) would be stored securely on Google's servers and used to contact the user with a response to their messages.



Rishi is an unreasonably diligent IBDP student studying at TISB. He is on course to receive his IB diploma in June 2021. He loves math and programming, as well as playing football and tennis.

Email: nrishi@tisb.ac.in


Vishnu is an avid programmer, gamer, pianist, and thinker. He is on course to receive his IB diploma in June 2021. A few of his passions are computer science, good music, philosophy, and making stuff.

Email: nvishnu@tisb.ac.in

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